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"Quality is enterprise life" is the aim of Jenuin cable all the time. In order to continuously develop and produce high quality products, in addition to strict quality testing standards, it also depends on advanced production equipment. They can better control the quality of products, and directly affect the consumption of energy and materials and produce cost-effective products. Jenuin cable continues to introduce international advanced production equipment to improve traditional products and develop new products. At present, our company has more than 50 wire drawing machines, 30 winders, 10 cable machines, and 30 extruders.we have own one after anothee Flexible fire prevention cable welding and rolling production line, flexible conductor layered once winch winder, multi-head continuous annealed wire drawing machine, large length conductor high speed winder, which shows the innovative determination of Jenuincable and the original Intention of producing safety cable.

  • 耐火绕包机
  • 小线耐火绕包机
  • 小拉丝机
  • 六盘管绞机
  • 框绞54盘
  • 金装数线机
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