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Jenuincable test center is a professional laboratory approved by CNAS with advanced testing equipment which now mainly divided into 8 functional rooms and can carry out a variety of testing items at the same time. There are open room, constant temperature and humidity chamber, insulation resistance chamber, mechanical performance room, thermal performance room, low temperature performance room, bending chamber, combustion performance room, which provides the necessary instrument and equipment support for the whole inspection commitment of Jinlianyu cable, and ensures the safety of electricity consumption in thousands of households.
  • 自然通风热老化试验箱
  • 直流电阻测量仪
  • 氧指数测定仪
  • 线材卷绕扭转试验机
  • 微控电子式万能试验机
  • 数字式投影仪
  • 微机控制电子万能材料试验机
  • 数显恒温水浴锅+高绝缘电阻测量仪
  • 试料磨平机
  • 抗开裂卷绕试验装置
  • 浸水电压试验箱 (2)
  • 交联电线切片机
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