About Jenuincable

Leading in the filed of new cable designing and manufacturing with a strong technical force, first-class equipment and perfect management system

JENUINcable supplies the cables worldwide with the cable standard of BSI, IEC standard and China national standard. BSI is the main standard we follow to the international market, such as BS EN 50525-2-11, BS EN 50525-2-31, BS5467, BS6346, BS6004, BS7889, BS7211, etc. IEC60227 and IEC60502 are also important standards we follow according to different customer requirements. The main products are including H05V-U cable, H05V-R cable, H05V-K cable, H07V-U cable, H07V-R cable, H07V-K cable, H03VV-F cable, H05VV-F cable, H05Z1Z1-F cable, H03Z1Z1-F cable, 6181Y cable, flat-twin 6192Y (6193Y) cable, flat twin+cpc 6242Y(6243y) cable. We are also in the way of processing BASEC certificate to meet customer requirements.

JENUINcable is one of leading Chinese cable manufacturers with more than 20 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and selling green environmental–protective wires and cables.

Our main products are building wire, electric wire, power cable, control cable, flexible cable, screen cable, armored cable, LSZH cable, ABC cable, Aluminum strand cable, ACSR and fire-resistant cable.

For Australia and New Zealand market, we make the cables according to AS/NZS requirements. Cables we support to Australia and New Zealand market including the building wire, single wire double insulated cable, TPS flat cable, orange circular cable, power cable and steel tape armored cable, ACSR, welding cable and LSZH cable which are made according to AS/NZS5000.1, AS/NZS5000.1, AS3607 and AS/NZS1995. We also get SAA CERTIFICATE for this market.

Our factory owns the certificate of ISO9001, QS18000, ISO14001 and OHSASI8001.

We have our own testing center approved by CNAS to guarantee the quality of each cable.

Up to now, we have gained the honor as following "China well-known Trademark", "National High-tech Enterprise", "Guangdong famous Trademark", "Guangdong Province Integrity demonstration Enterprise", "Guangdong quality Management Association member Unit", "Guangdong Enterprise Secondary Metrology Assurance system Unit", "Guangdong customer satisfaction Brand", "quality Credit rest assured Unit", "Top 100 Enterprises in Cable Industry 2017 ", "Top 20 Guangdong cable industry" etc.

Join hands with JENUIN, create brilliant achievements together!

Company Culture

Faith in manufacturing, Faith in development

Zero defects & High-quality requirement

The wire and cable industry is very special because they are closely related to the safety of human life and property. Most of the electric fire accidents are caused by defects and non-conformities of cable products. As a Chinese cable manufacturer, Jenuincable makes the faith of “zero defect cable” as our production quality target. In addition to meeting the basic requirements of relevant standards, but also the highest quality requirements.

This is why Jenuincable gets testing center approved by CNAS to guarantee the quality of each cable. We have strict testing and inspection from materials incoming to delivery cables to customers.

Best service & double win with partners

Building cable, electric wire, armored cable and power cable are largely used in the home and industrial construction. We will offer the professional technical support to the cable application and cable laying up. We consider our customers the partner more than the clients. We are in the same boat and achieve a win-win relationship with our partners.