What is Armoured Electrical Cable and What Are the Differences Between Armoured Electrical Cable and Ordinary Electrical Cable?

The armoured electrical cable, a kind of cable with a layer of metal or other substances (depending on the environment in which the cable is laid), which is the armored layer, can protect the cable from damage by external mechanical forces or chemical gases corrosion etc.

Ⅰ. What is armoured electrical cable?

Armoured electrical cable has an extra layer of armor compared with ordinary cables. There are steel tape armor, thin steel wire armor and thick steel wire armor etc. Armored cables are more suitable for direct burial than ordinary cables with a stronger mechanical resistance. The mechanical protection layer can be added to any structure of the cable to increase the mechanical strength of the cable and improve the corrosion resistance. It is designed for areas that are easy to suffer from mechanical damage and extremely susceptible to erosion. It can be laid by any method and is more suitable for direct burial laying in rocky areas.

Ⅱ. The difference between armoured electrical cable and ordinary electrical cables

1. The outermost protective layer of the cable is wrapped with steel tape or steel wire to protect the cable from damage by external mechanical forces; while, there is a cross-linked cable whose outer insulating layer is made of cross-linked polyethylene. Armored XLPE cable can be used, that is, a cable insulated with cross-linked material and protected by an armored outer layer.

2. The armor has a certain degree of resistance to external forces, and it can also prevent cable from rat biting, which eleminates power transmission problems. The bending radius of the armor should be large, and the armor layer can be grounded to protect the cable.

3. Commonly used armor materials include steel tape, steel wire, aluminum tape, aluminum tube, etc., among which the steel tape and steel wire armor layer has high permeability with a good magnetic shielding effect, and can be used for anti-low frequency interference. The layer also allows directly burying without passing through the pipe. For it is inexpensive and good in quality, and is more practically used.

4. The code designation method of armored electrical cable is to add a number after the ordinary cable symbol. The first one: "2" means double steel tape armor; the second one: "2" means PVC sheath. If use polyethylene sheath, just change "2" to "3". For example, YJV stands for ordinary cables, and YJV22 stands for armored electrical cables.

5. The price of armored cables is generally about 12-15% higher than that of ordinary cables.

6. The cable already has good external protection, such as steel pipe protection, or laying in a place with an excellent operating environment. From the perspective of engineering economy, ordinary cables can be used.

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