BS7889 cable refer to the electric cables –Thermosetting insulated, non-armored cables with a voltage of 600/1 000 V, for fixed installations.

This British standard specifies requirements and test methods for the construction and performance of non-armored cables with thermosetting insulation of rated voltages 600/1 000 V. Cables specified in this British standard are intended for use in fixed installations in industrial areas, buildings and similar applications but not for burial in the ground, either directly or in ducts.

The cables specified in the standard are all stranded copper conductors, thermosetting insulated, and PVC sheathed types. There are single-core types, and multi-core types (2-, 3-, 4- and 5-core).

The insulation and other components are suitable to permit operation of the cables at a maximum sustained conductor temperature of 90°C and for a maximum short-circuit conductor temperature of 250 °C (for a maximum period of 5s).

NOTE 1. Limitation on the temperature of the cables may be imposed in situations where they could be touched, or where they could touch other materials.

NOTE 2. In installations that include wiring accessories, junction boxes and consumer units, etc., the performance of these accessories should be taken into account in deciding the maximum operating temperature of the cable.

There is a big difference between BS7889 and IEC 60502 in the cable construction. BS7889 cable has the construction of single-core and multi-cores types (2-,3-,4-,5-core). IEC has more types of cable construction such as 3-core +1earth,3-core + 2 earth, 4-core+1eath except for what types of cable construction BS7889.