Understanding PVC Flex Cable and Its Applications

What is PVC flex cable?

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. PVC flex cable, essentially, refers to any cable whose wire insulation or cable jacket is made of PVC material. This type of cable is widely used in various electrical applications, as PVC has multiple characteristics. What are the main characteristics of polyvinyl chloride? The most obvious include chemical resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, durability, elasticity, and flexibility. Due to its impeccable characteristics, PVC has been used to manufacture several types of cables with specific PVC flex cable specifications.

Currently, people use PVC wires in general household wiring, household application wiring, and internal circuit wiring. However, you must remember that different PVC coated cables are suitable for certain specific purposes. For example, 2.5mm PVC flex cables are an ideal choice for internal circuit wiring and socket power, whereas 4mm PVC coated wire cable is the ideal choice for high power ring power and plug. Undoubtedly, you may find it challenging to differentiate between different types of PVC flex cables. Therefore, when purchasing PVC insulated cables, it is advisable to seek guidance from wire suppliers.

What are the uses of PVC flex cables?

PVC flex cables are usually known for their versatility, high tensile strength, and impeccable flexibility. Therefore, they are used in various electrical wiring applications, including household appliance wiring, internal circuit wiring, and household wiring. However, it must be noted that there are several types of PVC flex cables. Each type of cable has its specific purpose. You must ensure that the selected cable type meets your specific needs when purchasing PVC flex cables. There are two types of PVC insulated cables: indoor cables and outdoor cables.

If you plan to do some outdoor wiring, it is best to choose PVC armored cables. This type of cable can withstand various external environments, including attacks from rodents and UV rays from the sun. Unfortunately, most people tend to focus on the price of PVC flex cables rather than their intended use. Therefore, they end up buying cheap cables intended for indoor use, but they plan to use it outdoors. Frankly speaking, this is immature and expensive because they will have to replace the cables regularly. Regardless of the price, it is always best to choose PVC flex cables that meet your specific needs.