What Are the Advantages of Flame Retardant Cables?

We don't see many cables in daily life, but they are actually used in our lives. Since it is closely related to our lives, do you know the flame retardant cables that play a lot of important roles in terms of safety protection? What are the advantages of flame retardant cables?

1. Low toxin and halogen-free flame retardant cable

The insulation and sheath of the new flame retardant cable do not contain heavy metals such as lead and cadmium that are harmful to the human body, and will not pollute the soil or water when the cable is used and discarded. And it can be used with confidence.

The new type of environmentally friendly fire retardant cable uses a green and environmentally friendly insulation layer and special oxygen barrier materials. It has good electrical and physical and mechanical properties, and the product does not contain halogen, which effectively solves the problem of the "secondary pollution" during combustion. It is of great help to the air and personal safety.

2. High flame retardancy and high light transmittance of flame retardant cable

The environmental protection cable can fully guarantee its high requirements for fire protection. The cable is not easy to burn in the event of a fire. The fire retardant cable can prevent the burning flame, effectively controlling the spread of the fire and the loss and ensuring personal safety.

The fire retardant cable does not produce a lot of smoke when burning while other cables do, which is more conducive to the evacuation of personnel and the conduct of fire fighting. The light transmittance of its products is greater than 50%. Compared with the traditional fire retardant cable whose light transmittance is less than 20%, the new fire retardant cable has more advantages.

3. The flame retardant cable does not produce corrosive gas and is easy to install and operate

The new type of cable uses a new type of special coating material, which does not pollute the environment, and emits little or no acid gas during its production and use. It will not produce toxic and harmful gas when burning, and it is more environmentally friendly and reliable. Moreover, the new flame retardant cable is more convenient in the process of use, and the installation and operation are simpler and faster.