What Are the Reasons for the Short Service Life of Industrial Control Cables?

Industrial control cables are mainly used in industrial control equipment. Generally, the service life of regular brands is very long and can achieve better results. However, if it is an industrial control cable purchased by an unknown manufacturer, their service life is often relatively short, and it is also very easy to cause a fire. So do you know the reason for the short service life of industrial control cables?

Ⅰ. Blindly pursuing low prices when choosing industrial control cables

Many people who buy industrial control cables pay more attention to price positioning and are usually willing to choose cheap products. Industrial control cables look the same, so it's better to select inexpensive ones. Blindly coveting cheap will definitely directly affect the quality of industrial control cables. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. I believe everyone understands this truth. When buying such an important material for industrial control cables, don't be so keen on the cheap.

Ⅱ. The selected industrial control cables model is improper

Industrial control cables come in different specifications, sizes, and models. It is necessary to make a comprehensive judgment based on environmental conditions, electrical appliance requirements, and application directions. In this way, we can genuinely choose suitable industrial control cables and make their functional advantages reach better standards. It plays a more critical role in the actual use process. If the model is not selected correctly, it will affect the average use effect, and there may be many dangerous situations.

Ⅲ. Failure to do an excellent job in the maintenance of industrial control cables

The insulation safety of industrial control cables mainly depends on the outer sheath. Over time, corrosive gas will erode the sheath, and its insulation performance will gradually decrease. It will slowly age and become hard, brittle, or fall off. Therefore, to ensure the safe use of industrial control cables, we should do a good job in its maintenance. Don't use it with overload, don't let the cable get damp, heated, rust, or scratch. Pay attention to inspection after a certain number of years, and replace it in time if any problems are found.

If the quality of the industrial control cable is very bad, there will always be hidden quality problems in the actual application process. This will cause great safety risks to family life and work environment, circuit stability will also be greatly affected, and various serious problems such as fires may even occur. It is recommended not to blindly greedy cheap, but to choose high-quality industrial control cables that meet the needs of the use.