The control cables are also called multi-core control cables or flexible control cables. They are mainly used to signal transmission rather than electric power transmission. The application of control cable wire is mainly in the site of the mechanical and motor industry as the system of measurement, control or regulation.

Application of Mechanical Control Cables

Based on the construction requirement, the control cable wire is available to use in mechanical stresses, under light. Power control cables can be designed with shield or braid to offer mechanical protection and protect against electrical interference and anti-oils or corrosive substance.

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Buy Different Types of Control Cable

  • Copper Tape Screened Control Cable +
    Copper tape screen control cable is mainly used anti-interference circuit system. These cables feature a plain annealed cu conductor and PVC insulation and sheath mounting cu tape with a voltage of 450/750v.
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  • Cy Copper Wire Braid Screen Control Cable +
    Copper wire braid screen control cable is mainly to prevent external interference to the cable itself and cable interference to other circuits, an effective measure to suppress electromagnetic interference.
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  • YY PVC Insulated PVC Sheathed Control Cable +
    YY PVC insulated and sheathed control cable, known as YY cable or YY control cable, features flexible conductor and non-screen single core or multiple cores cables for power and signal transmission.
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Control Cable-FAQs

  • What's the difference between power cable and control cable?

    Power cables transfer energy from a source to equipment. Control cables send signals to control the functioning of equipment. We provide multi conductor control cable, including 2 core control cable, 3 core control cable, etc.

  • What is shielded/screened control cable or PVC control cable used for?

    PVC Shielded control cable is designed for use with machine tools, control systems, assembly lines, etc. Shielded/screened control cable features oil resistant, Flexible, Shielded and Reduced outer diameter, which permits easy handling and installation in confined areas.

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