Tips on Operation and Maintenance of Electrical Power Cables

1. The importance of the operation of electrical power cable

The operation of electrical power cable is extremely important in the entire power production process. As the safety of cables directly matters production safety and people's lives and properties, it is extremely important to understand the operation and maintenance of electrical power cable.

2. What should be paid attention to when operating and maintaining electrical power cable?

In the power industry, the so-called electrical power cable actually refers to the line for the transmission of electrical energy by the cable. Generally, it is composed of cables, cable intermediate joints, and electrical line ends. It also includes laying related projects, such as cable trenches, pipes, shafts and tunnels. According to the different construction requirements of different geographical environments, their cable lines will be adjusted according to local conditions.

Compared with overhead lines, electrical power cable has many advantages. One is that they are not affected by natural disasters, such as heavy rain and snow. Cable lines can better isolate these factors. The second is to make the city look neater. The construction of electrical power cable will not be disturbed by the trees alongside the road sides. It can also beautify the city and avoid the risk of electric shock for urban citizens.

After understanding the concept of electrical power cable, let's talk about the operation precautions of electrical power cable. First, do not run the line overwhelmingly for a long time, as this will make the temperature of the line abnormal, which will damage the line and reduce the service life of the line. Secondly, the cable line feeder protection should not be used for reclosing. After the feeder of the cable line is tripped, do not ignore the inspection of the cable, and it should be noted that the cable line must be re-tested before it can be put into use when it resumes operation after being out of service.

In line maintenance, we need to pay attention to the following three aspects, load monitoring, cable metal sheath corrosion monitoring and insulation monitoring in order to keep the power cable equipment in good condition and prevent sudden cable accidents.