What Are the Uses of a 4-Core Power Cable?

What is 4-core power cable?

From the appearance, 4-core power cable may look like a long cable. However, when you look inside the cable, you will see multiple conductors. Single-core cable has one conductor, while multi-core cable has more than one. In the case of 4-core power cable, there are four independent conductors. Usually, high-quality 4-core power cables can be provided as 4-core power cables or these cables can also be provided as 4-core armored cables. The specifications of 4-core power cable are: conductor: copper, insulation material is XLPE, and sheath is PVC.

All core sizes of 4-core power cable remain the same. For example, in a 1.5mm 4-core flexible cable, the diameter of all four conductors is 1.5mm. This is different from 3.5-core cable. If you want to buy a 16mm 3.5-core cable, then the 3-phase line is 16mm and the neutral line is 8mm, which is half the size of the phase line. However, for the same 16mm 4-core armored cable, all four cores are 16mm.

What is the use of 4-core power cable?

4-core power cable can be used to create a 4-wire circuit for electrical applications. For example, a very common use of 4-core power cable is to use a 4-wire circuit to connect dual-way light switches at the top and bottom of the stairs in a house.

An electrician may use a 4-core 1mm cable to connect two complete circuits. Each direction has one circuit, which provides low cross interference and provides full duplex lighting. Using a 4-core power cable in this application allows people in the house to independently turn the lights on and off from either switch at the top or bottom of the stairs. Other uses of 4-core power cable may include external applications. For example, 4-core shielded cables are an ideal choice for powering external devices and equipment. If a homeowner wants to supply power from the main building to an external shed, using a 4-core 1.5mm cable may be a good way to achieve this goal.

4-core power cable is usually used for more advanced electrical applications. In typical household or residential projects where single-core or 3-core products (such as 4mm wires) may be used, using 4mm 4-core power cable better serves more heavy-duty projects (such as industrial and commercial uses). However, the type of 4-core product you choose and how you connect the circuits may be different.

There are also various types of 4-core cables. For example, 4-core flexible cable is a relatively soft and flexible choice that electricians may consider for certain projects. Due to its relatively low rigidity, 4-core flexible cable may be very suitable for residential applications that require cables to pass through walls, basements, and attics.