What is Armoured Electric Cable? How to Install and Cut?

1. What is an armoured electrical cable?

Armoured electrical cable is a cable that includes an extra layer of protection to protect its internal components from wear and tear. This cable type is inherently stronger than traditional cables and works optimally for its purpose. Sadly, most people will be disappointed when dealing with this type of cable. This disappointment often occurs when you choose the wrong type of cable. Most people think that steel armoured electrical cables are the only cables with armor. Any decision based on this assumption is usually wrong. When shopping for wire armoured electrical cable, there are certain key pieces of information you need to know. For example, you need to fully understand the various classifications of armored wires, etc.

2. How to cut the armoured electrical cable?

Armored type cables have an unforgiving exterior. This feature is very useful, especially when dealing with harsh environments. Its toughness presents quite a challenge if you're trying to cut through armoured electrical cable. In most cases, people cut the cord when it is too long for the intended use. How exactly do you cut armoured electrical cable?

Logically, the first thing you need is to get a reliable cutting tool. With such a design, you can easily cut the cable while keeping the device at a stable 90-degree angle. It is prudent to take all necessary safety precautions. Armoured electrical cables are difficult to cut and may push the cutting tool toward your eye. Therefore, goggles must be worn when cutting this type of cable.

3. How to install the armoured electrical cable?

The first and most critical stage of installing any cable is selecting the correct cable. Depending on the voltage needs of the building application, it is better to use 15kV armoured electrical cable or 35kV armoured electrical cable. After choosing the most suitable wire, the installation process is very simple. The most important thing to remember when installing armoured electrical cable is its bend radius. You must not bend the wires to a radius smaller than the electrical cable manufacturers recommends. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to install armoured electrical cable:

First, you need to prepare the junction box where the cable will be installed; second, you must determine the exact length of armoured electrical cable you will need to complete the installation successfully; once you have determined the exact length of cable you will need, you must cut the cable to the appropriate length; Install the anti-short-circuit cylindrical lining at the intersection of the armoured electrical cable and the cable in the junction box; connect the connector to the armoured electrical cable; connect the cable to the junction box to complete the wiring process.