CU/PVC/PVC H05VV-F H05VVH2-F Flat Flexible PVC Cable 

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  • h05vv cable
  • h05vv f cable
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  • cable type H05VV-F

318-Y CU/PVC/PVC H05VV-F cable refers the circular flexible cable with the voltage rate of 300/500V. Cable type H05VV-F is called or named acoording to harmonised standard (it is often misspelled as HO5VVF ). The H05VV-F cable are manufactrued in accordance with BS 50525-2-11. It is wide used in domestic and public buildings with ordinary duty portable appliances such as radios, table lamps.

CU/PVC/PVC H05VVH2-F refers the flat cables of H05VV-F. It has the same voltage, standard and usage as H05VV-F 3182Y CABLE - 3183Y CABLE - 3184Y CABLE.

The British often refers these cable according to their number of cores and the sheathing materials (2 cores being 3182Y, 3 cores being 3183Y, 4 cores being 3184Y and 5 cores being 3185Y).


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CU/PVC/PVC H03VV-F H03VVH2-F Flat Flexible PVC Cable Parameter

Types  of Cables
NO.of  coresNormal section(mm²)Conductor Construction
Nominal Insul. Thick. (mm)
Rated Voltage
Approx. Mass
Ordinary duty H05VV-F  H05VVH2-F 300/500V
H05VV-F220.75Class 50.6300/500V59
20.75Class 50.6300/500V45
H05VV-F221Class 50.6300/500V65
21Class 50.6300/500V52
H05VV-F221.25Class 50.6300/500V74
H05VV-F221.25Class 50.7300/500V88
21.5Class 50.6300/500V69
H05VV-F222.5Class 50.8300/500V133
H05VV-F224Class 50.8300/500V191
H05VV-F330.75Class 50.6300/500V70
H05VV-F331Class 50.6300/500V79.00
H05VV-F331.25Class 50.6300/500V93
H05VV-F331.5Class 50.7300/500V110
H05VV-F332.5Class 50.8300/500V170
H05VV-F334Class 50.8300/500V240
H05VV-F440.75Class 50.6300/500V85
H05VV-F441Class 50.6300/500V100
H05VV-F441.5Class 50.7300/500V139
H05VV-F442.5Class 50.8300/500V209
H05VV-F444Class 50.8300/500V297
H05VV-F550.75Class 50.6300/500V103
H05VV-F551Class 50.6300/500V125
H05VV-F551.5Class 50.7300/500V170
H05VV-F552.5Class 50.8300/500V252
H05VV-F554Class 50.8300/500V363

Description of CU/PVC/PVC H03VV-F H03VVH2-F Flat Flexible PVC Cable

  • Conductor: flexible CU class 5

  • Insulation: PVC

  • Sheath: PVC

  • Rated voltage: light-duty HO3VV HO3VVH2 300/300V; Ordinary duty H05VV H05VVH2  300/500V

  • Temperature Rating: +5°C to +70°C

  • Minimum Bending Radius:8 times fo overall diameter

Application Of CU/PVC/PVC H03VV-F H03VVH2-F Flat Flexible PVC Cable

Widely used in home appliances, office and kitchens, such as table lamps and office equipment. not allowed to use the outdoor or industrial field.


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