Big News! Jenuin Cable was Awarded the Top 100 Most Competitive Enterprises in China's Cable Industry for the Fourth Consecutive Year

Good news! CWC and Cable Information Research Institute published the list of top 100 enterprises in the cable industry in 2020, and GUANGDONG JINLIANYU CABLE INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD is in the list.


On September 22, 2020, 2020 China Wire and Cable Industry Conference sponsored by Wire and Cable Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association and Shanghai Cable Research Institute Co., LTD was held in Shanghai. During the conference, the "Evaluation of the Most Competitive Enterprises in China's Wire and Cable Industry in 2020" was released, and Jenuin Cable entered the list by its strength. It is the fourth consecutive year for Jenuin Cable to gain the special honor of the "Top 100 Most Competitive Enterprises in China's Cable Industry".



The honor evaluated by the highest authority of Chinese cable enterprises accurately calculates nine rigid indicators reflecting enterprise size, efficiency and growth, and five soft data indicators including technological innovation, product quality, brand image, management level and industry contribution rate to show the competitiveness of enterprises in the most intuitive data form and reflecting the competitiveness of cable enterprises scientifically, objectively and truly.