(1) Jenuincable offers 24 hours continuous after service. 

Upon receiving notice of needs to provide after-sales service, we will give a reply within 1 hour for the general question. For special questions, we guarantee to give a reply within 24 hours. If it is necessary, we will send people to deal with it on site. If there is a need to send people to deal with, the company will arrange people to get there immediately.

(2) Jenuincable will repair or return and exchange defective products.

If the quality problems exist or occur during the period of quality assurance and it is confirmed to be responsible by our company, we promise to repair them on our cost or return and exchange them after the confirmation of our both parties.  

(3) Jenuincable will offer assistance to solve quality problems.

If it is confirmed by both parties that the quality problems are caused by the end-users, our company will also assist in solving it actively and meet the requirements of the user.

(4) Jenuincable will help users to reduce their losses.

If the products ordered by the user exceed the actual needs or the originally ordered cables can not continue to be used due to design changes, our company will actively cooperate with the users to reduce the loss on users.

(5) Jenuincable actively gives technical support to users.

If you need to provide technical guidance in the application, our company will send professional and technical personnel to provide services in time to help you without charges.

(6) Jenuincable will help users to deal with the cable that is not used up.

If the project is completed and the cable is not used up, the company can help to handle it according to the user's request.

(7) Jenuincable will provide free technical support on products for all life.

To provide free technical support on products for all life and just charge the cost-only if necessary after the expiration of warranty (except for improper or force majeure factors).

(8) Jenuincable will regularly communicate with users to get more opinions and suggestions. 

The company shall establish user files and visit users regularly, making written and telephone contact with users, seeking their opinions and suggestions, making statistics and analysis of the suggestions and quality problems put forward by users, continuously improving the management meeting the needs of users.

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