Characteristics of the Flame Retardant Cables

1. Overview of the flame retardant cables

The method generally used for flame retardant cables is to add halogen-containing halides and metal oxides to the sheath material. This is an excellent method to evaluate from the perspective of flame retardancy. However, because these materials contain halides, and a large amount of smoke and hydrogen halide gas are released during combustion, so the visibility during a fire is low, which greatly hinders the safe evacuation of personnel and the fire fighting, and people will be more suffocated to death by toxic gases. In addition, once the hydrogen halide gas reacts with water in the air, "hydrohalide acid" is generated, which severely corrodes equipment and buildings and causes "secondary disasters." At present, with the continuous improvement of the level of science and technology, in terms of the problem of flame retardant cables, halogen flame retardation in the past has been further developed to low-halogen and halogen-free type.

2. The characteristics of flame retardant cables

First of all, flame retardant cables have ideal fire-resistance and flame retardant effects, which can greatly improve the safety of the electrical environment. It is an innovation in wire and cable products. For example, if the wire catches fire during use, the flame retardant cable will automatically be flame retardant to prevent the fire from spreading further. In this way, the fire situation can be controlled more effectively, and the safety of the electricity environment can be strengthened.

The flame retardant cables can work in higher temperature environments. For example, even in a high temperature environment of up to one hundred and forty degrees, the wire can work normally and smoothly. Compared with other wires, this temperature can be said to be quite high, and the working environment more challenging.

In addition, even if the wire is short-circuited, the flame retardant cable can smoothly protect the wire itself from damage in an environment of 180 degrees. Moreover, it is very worth mentioning that the short circuit of this kind of flame retardant cable is very rare. Even if the short circuit occurs, it can well overcome the problem to ensure the safety of electricity.