Low Smoke Halogen Free Cable

The concept of green environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Whether it is food or daily necessities, more and more people choose to use environmentally friendly products. Even decoration wires are no exception. Now many people choose the low smoke halogen free cable. So what are its advantages?

1. About the low smoke halogen free cable

Low smoke halogen free is a material classification for wire sheath in the wire and cable industry. The sheath of low smoke halogen free cable has thermoplasticity or thermosetting property that has low smoke emission when heated and is halogen-free. Most network cable coverings are composed of polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, or thermoplastic polyurethane. Chlorine-containing plastics will release toxic hydrogen chloride in the event of fire and hydrochloric acid in the presence of water. The low smoke halogen free materials, on the other hand, do not release hydrogen halide or other acids when they catch fire.

2. The advantages of low smoke halogen free cable

(1) Halogen-free: thanks to the use of green eco-friendly insulating layer, sheath, and special oxygen barrier material, it not only has good electrical properties, physical and mechanical properties, but also ensures that the product does not contain halogen, and solves the "secondary pollution" formed when it is burned, avoiding the toxic substances produced when traditional PVC wires are burned.

(2) Low smoke and low toxicity: the use of new special coating materials that do not pollute the environment can ensure there is no toxic gas during production, use, and combustion, and very little acid gas, so as to reduce damage to personnel and equipment. It is very necessary to use the low smoke halogen free cable where special personnel are concentrated.

(3) Environmental protection: the insulating layer and sheath do not contain lead, cadmium, and other heavy metals that are harmful to the human body. When the cable is used and disposed of, it will not pollute the soil and water sources. Compared with the traditional cable, it is more environmentally friendly. The low smoke halogen free cable is also known as environmentally friendly cable, which shows that it is still very friendly to the environment.

(4) High flame retardancy: the environmentally friendly cable can meet the high building requirements for fire protection. The cable is not easy to burn during a fire, and can prevent the spread of flames and the expansion of disasters after combustion. Especially in the modernization construction, there are modern material products and super high-rise buildings, which increase the difficulty of rescue when a fire occurs. The use of low smoke halogen free cable can increase the rescue time and reduce the harm of harmful gases to the human body.

At present, the low smoke halogen free cable is more and more widely used in high-rise buildings, stations, subways, airports, hospitals, large libraries, gymnasiums, family houses, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, and other densely populated places. It is believed that with the improvement of people's awareness of fire protection, the low smoke halogen free cable will be more and more used in our lives.