Why Choose Low-smoke Halogen-free Cables when Decorating?

The first step in home decoration is to use water and electricity. If the water and electricity are done, the whole decoration can continue. If the quality of the water and electricity cables is poor, it will affect the subsequent decoration, and will seriously threaten the personal and property safety after moving in. When many people are designing home decoration, they will hand over the decoration to the design company, including the purchase of materials, etc. Although this is very convenient, there are huge security loopholes. Because you don't know what kind of material the decoration company bought and what the quality is. In the face of such a situation, it is still recommended that you leave the design to the decoration company, and it is better to check the material yourself. Regarding the procurement of wires and cables, several issues should be considered, how many square wires? Is it single core or multi core? When choosing wires for home improvement, try to choose low-smoke halogen-free cables from electric cable manufacturer. For the safety of you and your family, low-smoke halogen-free cables are the best choice. So what is LSZH? Why do you have to choose low-smoke halogen-free cables?

1. What is a low-smoke halogen-free cable?

To put it simply, low-smoke halogen-free cables do not contain halogens, so they do not produce heavy smoke when burning, and are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Compared with ordinary wires, LSZH cables are very suitable for home improvement.

Ordinary wires will produce poisonous gas and smoke after burning, which is very pungent and causes great discomfort to people. When the low-smoke halogen-free cable is burned, it does not produce any toxic gas, and the smoke is extremely small, which will not affect the visibility. Not only in the field of decoration, low-smoke halogen-free cables are used in public places or places with many people.

2. Why do you recommend that you choose low-smoke halogen-free cables?

Speaking with big data, an average of 40,000 fires occur every year, and the number of deaths due to fires is about 2,000. According to the study, most of the people who died in the fire had collapsed under the thick smoke before the fire was fully burned. If a low-smoke halogen-free cable is used, in the event of a fire, the low-smoke halogen-free lszh power cable will not release toxic irritating gases, nor will it generate thick smoke, and it will not affect people's vision when escaping.

More importantly, the low-smoke halogen-free cable has the function of self-extinguishing from the fire, which can reduce the probability of electrical damage when a small area catches fire. Therefore, everyone uses the low-smoke halogen-free cable when decorating for the sake of life and property. safety considerations. Safety is no trivial matter. A roll of more environmentally friendly wires may ensure the safety of a family's electricity consumption. Will you choose?