Low Smoke Halogen Free Cable Will Be the Future

Environmental protection has now become a matter that many countries in the world attach great importance to. Many industries are required to follow the principles of environmental protection. As an important member of the manufacturing industry, the wire and cable industry is bound to have stricter requirements in the direction of environmental protection. The integration and upgrading of the industry is an irreversible trend. It is foreseeable that in the future there will be no room for products that are not environmentally friendly at all. Not only will the government not support them, but buyers who come here will also dislike unprofessional manufacturers. Therefore, in recent years, the cable industry has gradually begun to pay attention to the promotion and popularization of environmentally friendly cables.

1. The popularity of low smoke halogen free cable

Compared with the traditional ordinary cable, low smoke halogen free cable has many advantages. The traditional cable is seriously polluting, and a large amount of heavy metals and pollutants will be generated in the process of manufacturing, use, and disposal. Therefore, nowadays, many developed countries, such as countries in the European Union, have required the use of environmentally friendly cable, and the import of non-environmentally friendly cable is strictly prohibited. Now the development of environmentally friendly cable is gradually becoming the focus of the cable industry. In recent years, some important large-scale projects and major projects will require the use of the environmentally friendly cable.

2. Low-smoke halogen-free cables as environmentally friendly cables will be the future

The development trend of environmentally friendly cable is irreversible. Developed countries strictly prohibit the use of non-environmentally friendly cable. Relevant laws and regulations explicitly require that important buildings prohibit the use of polyvinyl chloride wire and cable. The low smoke halogen free cross-linked polyolefin insulated wire and cable must be used, which is what we often call the low smoke halogen free cable, so as to avoid a large amount of smoke and chlorine gas in the event of fire, may causing casualties. In many important public facilities, such as subways, shopping malls, communications, and other departments, it is foreseeable that the requirements for the safety and environmental protection of cables will become more and more strict in the future.

In terms of the so-called environmentally friendly cable, its primary requirement is low smoke and halogen free, such as low smoke halogen free cable, which can not contain heavy metals, and also have corresponding requirements on waste treatment and recycling. Therefore, the production of qualified environmentally friendly cable also requires certain technology, and only by producing cable products that meet market demand and conform to the development of the times can we effectively enhance the competitiveness of cable manufacturers.

In general, the low smoke halogen free cable, as a kind of environmentally friendly cables is a major trend. Low smoke halogen free cable will effectively drive the development of the cable industry, enhance the competitiveness of cable manufacturers, and make the cable industry become more and more stable on the road of sustainable development with green practice and innovation.