What is the Fire Performance Cable? What Are Its Advantages?

With the structural transformation of economic growth and the enhancement of safety and environmental awareness, fire performance cables have become an important choice for cable manufacturers to develop cable products.

1. Have an overview of the fire performance cable

Fire performance cables are the general term for wires and cables with fire resistant properties, which are usually divided into two types: flame retardant cables and fire resistant electrical cables. Fire performance cables and flame retardant cables have the self-extinguishing property while maintaining the electrical and physical and chemical properties of ordinary cables, or when the cable catches fire because of its own reason or an external source of fire, after the fire is extinguished, the cable will no longer continue to burn, or the burning time is very short, or the extended burning length is very short. Fire resistant electrical cables refer to cables that can maintain safe operation for a certain period of time under flame burning.

The fire performance cable is a kind of BTTZ cable, which can meet the comprehensive requirements of cables for fire-fighting systems when it is matched with flame retardant cables and fire resistant electrical cables for construction. The performance of the fire performance cable can be seen mainly from the aspects of insulation resistance, electrical strength, heat resistance, current carrying capacity, mechanical properties, and fire resistance characteristics.

2. What are the advantages of fire performance cables?

(1) The fire performance cable can be fireproof and explosion-proof: Because the seamless copper tube is used as the sheath, the cable is completely sealed, and the magnesium oxide insulation is a dense entity, and water cannot enter.

(2) The fire performance cable has good corrosion resistance: because the copper sheath has good corrosion resistance, under normal circumstances, no protective measures are needed. When the cable is used in places with severe chemical corrosion (such as acid and alkali) or places with serious industrial pollution, it is advisable to use fire performance cables with PVC extensions.

(3) The fire performance cable can withstand radiation: the copper sheath has the function of a shielding layer and also boasts radiation resistance.