Selection Skills of Industrial Control Cables

With the continuous development of the industrial field, the demand for industrial control cables is also increasing. However, some people disregard the interests of consumers and take the opportunity to make huge profits. They produce many fake and inferior products to disrupt the market. Although cable manufacturing is a trivial matter, the responsibilities are heavy. Many fire hazards are caused by the aging or poor quality of cables, which causes countless personal and property losses. Therefore, everyone must carefully purchase industrial control cables produced strictly according to the standards. So do you know how to choose industrial control cables?

Ⅰ. Check the identification and inspection report of the industrial control cables

Look at the identification of the product: When purchasing industrial control cable products, you should observe the product's certificate of conformity, whether the product model, specification, rated voltage, core number, production date, implementation standard, license number, and other relevant information are fully marked, and the physical surface of the product should be Printed with the continuity mark of the industrial cable manufacturers' name, product model and rated voltage, verify that the relevant information between the two is consistent.

Look at the product inspection report: As a product that affects the safety of people and property, industrial control cables have always been listed as the focus of government supervision and inspection. Regular industrial control cables manufacturer is subject to inspection by the supervision department periodically. Therefore, the seller should be able to provide the inspection report of the quality inspection department. Otherwise, the quality of the product lacks basis.

Ⅱ. Appearance and material of industrial control cables

Look at the appearance and material: Observe whether the outer plastic skin of the industrial control cable is bright in color, delicate in texture, whether there are burrs or protrusions on the surface, and whether the appearance is smooth, round, and uniform in color. The industrial control cable conductor uses electrolytic copper, and the outer layer is bright and slightly soft. Look at the industrial control cable's cross-section again. The copper core should be in the middle, and the plastic coating should be uniform in thickness.

Ⅲ. The length and section of industrial control cables

Look at the length and cross-section: the certificate has a length mark. You can first estimate the length of the finished coil package and then count the number of coils to calculate the approximate size of the entire coil. In addition, pay attention to the conductor's length. Diameter, check the length and cross-section of industrial control cables.

Of course, we can also focus on checking the packaging of industrial control cables in addition to these aspects. Like other products, companies that produce cables that meet the requirements of the standard pay attention to product packaging. Therefore, when choosing, pay attention to whether the product packaging is exquisite, whether the printing is clear, whether the model specifications, factory name, and factory address are complete.