What are the Types of Building Wires?

Currently, common PVC-insulated wires still dominate the market, while some new kinds are developed suitable for construction projects. The main building wire types are as the following:

1.Cross-linked polyethylene cable (model: XLPE-insulated wire)

The advantages of cross-linked materials have been widely known, and many countries have applied cross-linking technology to wire field. Cross-linked polyethylene cable is gradually replacing PVC wire as building wire, showing its advantages during use. Cross-linked wire is regarded as a new-type and relatively ideal wire for construction projects among the building wire types, and European countries are vigorously applying it.

2. Eco cable (made by ecological materials and good at fire resistance, also called EM cable)

Technologically, eco cable is a higher-level products of cables, which goes with the stream and follows the growing trend. Eco cable has been widely valued once it came out, and numerous developed countries like European countries, America, Japan have set a series of standards for production and application of this product and vigorously promoted its applications.

(1) The Characteristics of eco cable:

a. halogen-free, noxious gas and corrosive gas won't be produced when it burns;

b. It will produce less smoke when burning;

c. Its flame resistance is as good as polyolefin cable;

d. Free of heavy metal and environmental hormone, thus it won't pollute the soil;

e. It can be recycled.