Introduction and Types of Fire Rated Electrical Cables

1. What are fire rated electrical cables?

At present, the cable industry is used to collectively refer to cables with certain fire resistance properties such as fire retardant, low smoke halogen free (LSOH), low smoke fume (LSF), and fire resistant as fire rated electrical cables.

2. What kinds of fire rated electrical cables are there?

The outside of the YTTW fire rated electrical cable  is welded and embossed with copper tape longitudinally, and the inner insulating cable core is wrapped with fire-resistant mica tape, and finally filled with glass fiber yarn or some other fire-resistant filler.

The structure of BBTRZ fire rated electrical cables is the same as YTTW fire rated electrical cables, that is, the fire-resistant mica tape is replaced with ceramic silicon rubber tape.

The outer sheath of the NG-A fire rated electrical cables cable is made of aluminum, that is, the longitudinally wrapped welding embossing of the copper tape becomes the longitudinally wrapped welding embossing of the aluminum tape, and the cable core inside may be wrapped with several layers of refractory insulation tape.

The outer protective layer of the BTLY fire rated electrical cables is a continuous extruded aluminum tube, and the inner protective layer of the cable core is also a continuous extruded aluminum tube. The protective layers of the aluminum tubes inside and outside the cables are all polished rods without embossing. The bending performance of this cable is not as good as the bending performance of the flexible fireproof cable with longitudinal welding and embossing.

BTTZ mineral insulated cables are also called magnesium oxide cables. This kind of cable is a cable with better fire resistance, but the production process is very complicated, mainly because the filling of magnesium oxide powder is difficult to do. In short, the fireproof effect of the fire rated electrical cable is different with different materials and manufacturing processes.