PVC insulated cable and other compounds insulated cable will produce a large amount of toxic and acid smoke and gas when the cables catch a fire. They are harmful to people and cause death. LSZH cables (low smoke zero halogen cable or LSHF cable, low smoke halogen free cable) are insulated and sheathed with a special compound material that they have just a low emission of smoke without halogen when exposed to fire. BS EN 50525-3-41 and BS 7211 are referred for these ISZH power cables. The LSZH wire is normally used in the public building and indoors, such as rail network, cars, ships and tunnels.

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  • What is the difference between LSF and LSZH?

    LSF cable(Low Smoke and Fume cable) will emit toxic gases, while LSZH(low smoke zero halogen power cable) will limit the emission of these gases(typically under 0.5% hydrogen chloride emission). In addition, hydrogen chloride is corrosive to equipment. The use of low smoke halogen free cable protects both people and limits the amount of equipment damage during a fire situation.

  • Where is LSZH cable used?

    lSZH(low smoke zero halogen) power cables are often specified indoors, especially in public areas, and in other hazardous environments and poorly ventilated areas, includeing cars, aircraft, railway carriages and ships. FR ISZH cable are commonly used across tunnels and underground rail networks.

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