• h07v r
  • CU/PVC H07V-R
  • h07v r cable
  • pvc h07v r cable
  • h07v r
  • CU/PVC H07V-R
  • h07v r cable
  • pvc h07v r cable

CU/PVC H07V-R cable features a plain annealed strand conductor class 2 with PVC insulation. It is also known as building wire or electric wire. H07V-R cables have normal size of 1-400 mm².

We supply these cables following the IEC60227, BS EN 50525-2-31 with voltage 450/750v. For Australia and New Zealand standard AS/NZS 5000.1 These building wire have different rated voltage. They are 0.6/1kv rather than 450V/750V.


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CU/PVC H07V-R Cable Parameter

AWGNo. of Cores x Nominal Cross-Sectional AreaNominal Thickness of InsulationNominal Overall DiameterNominal Copper WeightNominal Weight

# x mm²mmmmkg/kmkg/km
16(7/24)1 x 1.50.7314.423
14(7/22)1 x
12(7/20)1 x 40.84.23951
10(7/18)1 x 60.84.75871
8(7/16)1 x 1016.196120
6(7/14)1 x 1617.2154170
4(7/12)1 x 251.28.4240260
2(7/10)1 x 351.29.5336350
1(19/13)1 x 501.411.3480480
2/0(19/11)1 x 701,412.6672680
3/0(19/10)1 x 951,614.7912930
4/0(37/12)1 x 1201,616.211521160
300MCM(37/11)1 x 1501,818.114401430
350MCM(37/10)1 x 1852,020.217761780
500MCM(61/11)1 x 2402,222.923042360

1 x 3002.424.5

1 x 4002.627.5

Description Of CU/PVC H07V-R

  • Conductor: annealed strand copper class 2

  • Rated voltage: 450/750v

  • Insulation: PVC

  • Bending radius: 15 times of overall diameter

  • Standard:  BS EN50525-2-31, IEC 60227. AS/NZS 5000.1

  • Short circuit temp: +160 ℃

  • Flame retardant: IEC60332-1

  • Insulation resistance: 10 MΩ x km

Application Of CU/PVC H07V-R

H07V-U is designed for the application to the inside of equipment or protective laying to the is normally installed in tubes conduit under and surface mounting of plasters indoor in dry situations. It is a good choice for production facilities, inner wiring of equipment, switch and distributor boards or were a thicker strand of multi-wire is required.


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