ABC Cable (Aerial Bundled Cable)

  • ABC cable (Aerial bundled cable)
  • ABC cables
  • Aerial bundled cable
  • abc cable price
  • ABC cable (Aerial bundled cable)
  • ABC cables
  • Aerial bundled cable
  • abc cable price

Aerial Bundle Cables, normally referred to as Aerial Bundled Conductors or ABC, with 0.6/1kv, are called for combining multiple single-core cables together. ABC cable is widely used in temporary power distribution to street lighting and secondary pole-pole service cables. ABC wires feature light-stranded aluminum conductors, both single-core and multi-core, covered with XLPE/PE/PVC insulation. They are more commonly used in temporary power installations such as an on-base buildings. ABC cables are often referred to as bare conductors As insulated cables. These ABC cables are installed and separated by air gaps but where sparks and shorts in the event of high winds may cause resulting bushfires in dry climates or risk nearby property.  

Aerial Bundle Cables have a working temperature range from -40℃ to +80℃ and can be set up in temperatures as low as -20°C.

Our standard of Low Voltage ABC (lv ABC cable) is m BS7870 and has a voltage rating of 0.6/1kV. With the insulation, it also meets Class II according to IEC 61140 in protecting against electric shock.


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ABC Cable (Aerial Bundled Cable) Parameter

LV Aerial Bundled Conductor (ABC) Cablesoverall diameterweightMaxinum conductor ResistanceMinimum breaking Loadcurrent Rating
1x16+1x25 RM15.31601,9102,572
3x16+1x25 RM192901,2004,0107
3x25+1x25 RM23.24000,8685,5132
3x35+1x25 RM25.65000,6418,0165
3x50+1x35 RM306800,44310,7205
3x70+1x50 RM34.99200,32013,7240
3x95+1x70 RM40.612700,25318,6290
3x120+1x70 RM44.115100,20623,2334
3x150+1x95 RM49.218700,16428,7389
3x185+1x120 RM54.923400,12537,2467
3x25+1x25+1x16 RM23.24701,9102,572
3x35+1x25+1x16 RM25.65601,2004,0107
3x50+1x35+1x16 RM307400,8685,5132
3x70+1x50+1x16 RM34.99800,6418,0165
3x95+1x70+1x16 RM40.613300,44310,7205
3x120+1x70+1x16 RM44.115800,32013,7240
3x150+1x95+1x16 RM49.219400,20623,2334
3x185+1x120+1x16 RM54.924101,9102,572

Description of ABC Cable (Aerial Bundled Cable)

  • rated voltage: 0.6/1kV Overhead Cable

  • Conductor: Aluminum

  • Insulation: XLPE/PVC/PE

  • Service wire: Phase Conductor+ Neutral Conductor

  • Standard: IEC 60502 BS 7870

Application Of ABC Cable (Aerial Bundled Cable)

Aerial Bundle Cable, known as ABC cable is a very good option for overhead power distribution compared to the conventional bare conductor overhead cable.


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